General Questions (FAQ)

RideNow Auctions

Rev. December 2, 2022

1. What are the fees to purchase a vehicle in the RideNow Auction?
This is a “No Fee Auction”. Vehicles purchased through RideNow Auctions do not have any additional Auction Fees added to the Auction price. Buyer is responsible for applicable Sales tax, title and licensing costs which vary per state. Additional services such as transportation can be added at the time of sale, if utilized. A deposit is required at the end of a successful purchase.
2. How do I bid before an auction?
Automatic absentee bidding is the easiest way to bid on an auction. Simply go to the catalog or the vehicle’s detail page, enter the highest maximum price you’re willing to pay for an item in the “Place Bid” field and we’ll do the rest. All absentee maximum bids are confidential. Once you set up automatic bidding, you can stay ahead of the competition, up to your automatic bid amount. If you are outbid before the start of the Auction, you will receive an Outbid Notification to your email. You can then choose to increase your automatic bid as you wish. When the item is running live during the auction, we recommend that you be online and prepared to bid again to the maximum amount you’re willing to bid in order to have the best chance at winning the item.
3. How do I know if I won a vehicle I placed an automatic absentee bid on?
At the end of a particular item’s auction and you are the high bidder with a bid above the “Reserve”, you will receive an email notification that you won the auction for that vehicle. Additionally, you can check the “My Items” to view activity, and look under the “Items I have Won” tab on the buyer’s My Items dashboard.
4. How does vehicle transportation work?
You can choose to pick up the vehicle yourself at the Auction Location, or any RideNow Florida Dealership, at no additional cost. If you request for us to set up transport, we will provide an estimated cost to ship the vehicle to the closest RideNow Dealership to you in any state, or to ship it directly to your home or office. The estimates are custom quotes from various Licensed and Insured Transportation Vendors that specialize in packing and shipping your vehicle safely. Make sure you provide the RideNow Concierge Associate with your correct delivery address, Zip code and mobile number.
5. How will I receive the purchase confirmation for a vehicle I have purchased?
RideNow Auctions will email a “You Won – Sale Pending” notification shortly after you successfully won a vehicle auction. You will also be contacted by a RideNow Customer Service Associate who will be preparing to send titling documents to you for your signature. Be sure to send the signed documents back promptly. After we receive your signed documents, we will initiate the title transfer and shipping per your preferences. You also have the option to sign your vehicle documents at the auction location.
6. Can I finance my vehicle purchase?
Yes, we have financing available. You can make it easier and quicker to finance if you’re pre-qualified. Login and request to be pre-qualified anytime. If you have not applied for pre-qualification or financing and would like help doing so, please ask your Concierge for assistance. You are also welcome to finance the vehicle through your own lenders.
7. What if I want to return the vehicle?
You’ll get a full refund for any vehicle purchased less any associated transportation costs. Every vehicle includes our 3-Day/150-Mile guarantee. See your Concierge for further details.
8. I bid on a vehicle and don’t want to lose it, but I also want to watch other vehicles simultaneously. How will I know if the vehicle receives a higher bid while I am watching another?
“Outbid” email-alerts are sent to bidders the instant they are outbid. They include a link directly to that vehicle which provides the opportunity to quickly place a higher bid.
9. If I remove a vehicle from my watchlist, how can I find the vehicle again?
We currently are not able to show vehicles recently deleted from your watchlist. If you remove a vehicle from your watchlist and that vehicle has not sold, you will need to search the inventory to find it again.
10. Can I Bid, Buy Now, or make offers on any vehicles in inventory at any time?
It depends on the auction timing. Prior to the start of the Auction, you can make an absentee bid. The option to Buy Now is available up until the Auction begins, at which time the Buy Now function is disabled. You can make an offer on any unsold vehicle you missed after the Auction. We also have thousands of other vehicles in stock and available in our network of over 60 stores nationwide. Let your Concierge know what kind of vehicles you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to locate exactly what you want.
11. Who do I pay for the vehicle?
You can finance through our RideNow lending partners or through one of your own lenders, by Wire Transfer, Certified or Bank Check. Ask your Concierge for our Wire Transfer Instructions if you choose this option. Personal Checks may be acceptable subject to approval at RideNow locations. Title transfer will be initiated after funds have cleared RideNow’s account.
12. How do I Trade in or sell my current vehicle?
Create an account using the SignUp link and select “Yes” for Option “Are you interested in trading a vehicle?,” or, if you already have a User account, simply login and use the TRADE-IN link on the vehicle details page. Alternately, select the “Profile” page, and answer “Yes” to “Are you interested in trading a vehicle?” That link will alert a Concierge to call you to provide you with further details and to arrange for you to receive a Cash Offer for your vehicle. You will receive a Cash Offer Value fast, and you can apply any portion of your Cash Offer Value to your new vehicle, or receive any portion of it as cash back. Your Customer Service Associate will also be able to see your Cash Offer Value online, and will provide you with the details about the trade/sale process. Even if you do not win a vehicle in the Auction, you can trade your vehicle in on any other vehicle in our inventory, or sell it to us for your Cash Offer value. Please contact your Concierge for complete details on all trade or sale options.
13. Who pays for transportation?
There are various options RideNow has available to winning bidders:

  Pickup at the RideNow Orlando Auction location is FREE.   Pickup at any Florida RideNow Dealership is FREE.
For buyers electing to have RideNow coordinate delivery to any other RideNow Dealership location, transportation cost is calculated at $0.75/mile from the Auction. for transportation to your home quotes will be calculated at $1.00 per mile, There is a $150 Minimum shipping charge, with a maximum Delivery Fee of $1,200 within the lower 48 States.
All Customers taking delivery at any RideNow Dealership in the nation will be eligible for $100 off a safety apparel purchase plus a 20% discount on parts and accessories (purchased at the time of vehicle pickup only). All vehicle delivery arrangements can be made with your Customer Service Concierge.
14. Am I required to use the transportation companies available through RideNow Auctions, or can I use my own?
You may choose to arrange transportation on your own. However, please be aware that RideNow is not responsible for the condition of the vehicle from the time it is picked up from our Auction Location.
15. What happens if I’m interrupted during the bidding or buying process?
RideNow Auction’s highly sophisticated and stable auction platform assures 99% uptime. In the event that a buyer’s personal Internet connection (over which RideNow has no control or influence) is interrupted, the last high bid received would be valid and treated as a Maximum Absentee Bid. The RideNow Auction platform will automatically and incrementally submit bids on your behalf until you are the winner up to your Maximum Absentee Bid amount.
16. Is there any special setup required for mobile device access to the RideNow Auctions?
No. Using your mobile device, you will log into the RideNow Auction platform using the same Username at the Auction Website Address as you would on a desktop or laptop computer.
17. Why should I Buy from RideNow Auctions?
Simply put, you’ll enjoy more of the benefits that matter to you most: discount pricing with a fun and streamlined process. Also, there’s no auction fees, documentation or certification fees. We even make the auction bidding process easy with assistance available from a Concierge.
When bidding in a RideNow Auction, you’ll have full control over the price you want to bid for the vehicle, all from your computer or mobile device. RideNow Auction’s advantages even extend to how we care for our customers. Every vehicle from RideNow Auctions comes with a 3-day/150 mile No Questions Asked Return Policy (plus any associated transportation costs) so you can bid and buy with confidence from anywhere coast to coast.
18. Can I see the vehicles before I Buy or Bid?
Yes. We encourage you to do so. The RideNow Orlando Auction site is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST Monday thru Saturday. While there, you can use your mobile device to add vehicles you’re interested in to your own Watchlist, or even place absentee bids on the spot, or at home.
19. Will a RideNow Auction Representative contact me?
Yes. We have Auction Concierges available to help you every step of the way. One will be designated to assist with any questions you may have about the Auctions, the available vehicles, bidding, buying, or any others. Our goal is to provide the support you need to ensure buying your vehicle through the RideNow Auction is the best vehicle purchasing experience you’ve ever had.
20. Why is it a good time to buy a powersports vehicle now?
At RideNow, our selection has never been better, making it the best time to get the vehicle you want at an amazing price. Especially for those hard to find or super popular vehicles, your timing couldn’t be better.
21. What hours are the RideNow Auctions Customer Service Concierges available?
Phone Support and email support are available 6 days a week, Monday thru Saturday from 8:00am to 10:00pm EST. Phone: (1-844-227-8628) Email: auctions@RideNow.com
21. Are there any extra fees added to my winning bid amount?
Like any licensed dealership, RideNow is required to collect sales tax, title, transfer and registration fees. Some of the shipping options are available at additional cost.
22. Do I need a Dealer License to participate in an Auction?
No. This is an Auction for the public. These vehicles are fully serviced, with proper documentation to title, register and insure your vehicle. Our Customer Concierge Services will arrange all required licensing for you to drive your vehicle home.
23. What are the hours I can view the Auction Inventory for Sale?
Viewing is available 24/7 online. In-person viewing hours at the RideNow Auction site are from Monday thru Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm, and starts at 8:00am on Auction Day. All times are EST.
24. Why was I immediately outbid?
If you are outbid immediately after placing a bid, it’s likely that another bidder used the automatic absentee bidding feature and has a maximum bid higher than your last bid. You’ll need to increase your maximum limit in order to be the highest bidder.
24. What if I need service on a vehicle purchased at the Auction?
The professionals at any of the RideNow Powersports Dealerships nationwide are ready to assist with all your after-sale needs. In the event a RideNow Dealership is not conveniently located to you, your 90-Day Limited Warranty can be used at any licensed repair facility.
25. What does “Reserve” mean?
The “Reserve” is the minimum amount that the bidding must reach for the vehicle to be sold. The highest bid that meets or exceeds the Reserve at the end of the Auction will be the winning bid.
26. What is the “BuyNow” feature?
BuyNow is the way a bidder can immediately purchase the vehicle he wants before the auction. This feature is especially useful for bidders who don’t want to risk having the bidding go higher than they wish to pay for the vehicle, or also to prevent any other bidding from buying the vehicle before the Auction.
27. How much deposit is required to hold a vehicle I won the bidding on?
Successful buyers are required to place a $250. fully-refundable deposit for each vehicle auction they won at the close of the auction. The deposit is applied toward the purchase price of the vehicle.
28. What are the forms of ID accepted to register my vehicle?
Two of the acceptable forms of ID are required to complete the vehicle purchase. Acceptable forms of ID include any two of the following: a valid Drivers’ License, a valid Government-issued ID such as a passport, a Credit/Debit Card or a Bank Account Statement in the purchaser’s name. For additional information, contact your Concierge.
29. Do I need a Motorcycle License to purchase a Motorcycle?
No. However, a valid motorcycle endorsement on the rider’s Driver’s license is required in order for the motorcycle to be ridden from the Auction site. If the purchaser does not have a valid motorcycle endorsement, they can designate another person who has the proper endorsement to ride the vehicle from the auction site. As a note, we love new riders, and if you are interested in taking a Motorcycle Safety Course to obtain your motorcycle endorsement, contact us for more details.
30. Do I need Motorcycle Insurance to purchase a Motorcycle?
Yes. If your vehicle insurance policy does not currently include motorcycle coverage, you will be required to obtain motorcycle coverage on a new or existing vehicle insurance policy. Motorcycles are not automatically covered by automobile policies unless they already cover a motorcycle. RideNow can assist with arranging a motorcycle insurance policy for you.